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Well we have got started with the Major Project criteria B,C and D and the deadlines for these are up on ManageBAC so time to Wiki Nd Eghs … first thing you need to be in two teams of 2 and one team of 3 (you will find numbers amongst the waste – match the numbers and you have the teams… 🙂 )

Now what – well as a starter for 10 and an amazing Perky prize – what is Whitespace and why is it going to revolutionise communication in third world countries? First team to answer with the following information will win –

  1. Be able to explain the technology and how it works?
  2. Be able to say at least two advantages of it over existing technologies?
  3. Be able to explain how these advantages can specifically help remote communities?

So now for the main feast – you should all have joined Wiki Nd Eghs – and I should have upgraded your permissions to writer (if not please shout). First two exercises to do as a team are –

Okay so now for the main assignment – in your groups you have a number the number corresponds to one one of three perspectives to look at, research and argue for solutions to the problem of e-waste. The Three Perspectives are :-

  1. Nothing is Wrong – Technology is a Human Right! – Your group believes that all of the research and “bad press” about e-waste is simply HYPE and in the end the planet can cope with the issue. You will need to research that the system is working okay at the moment – and have some hard facts to show that those who believe e-waste is a problem are over – exaggerating.
  2. Technology will find a way? – Your group believes that the research and problems regarding e-waste are true – however technology will find solutions to the issue. You will need to research some of these solutions and show hard facts regarding this. Note the solutions cannot be simply recycling as in the end you believe the resources will eventually run out and this will not resolve the problem.
  3. 4 R’s must happen – Society Must Change! –  Your group believes e-waste is a problem – and do not believe the hype regarding miracle technological solutions but the fact that society needs to change how we design, use and throw away such devices.

You must simply prepare a wiki page outlining your groups argument – with concrete examples, resources, and an outline of your arguments to utilise in the debate. You must discuss and be ready to debate the social and ethical issues associated with e-waste – there is more than one or two I believe (note these may help with your argument against one of the corresponding groups????.) Each member must contribute to the editing and data collection. I will inform you of the debate structure early next week. Remember the wiki page and so your arguments should be structured, data led and coherent around your groups perspective – and also be able and ready to argue against the other perspectives.

So what are you waiting for – head over to http://itgsonline.wikifoundry.com/page/E-Waste+And+Technology+Sustainability you will find many other resources on the page as well. Along with the Assessment criteria for the wiki page, the debate and finally the Manifesto…

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