The article that I analyzed was about the surveillance that the US NSA (National security agency) had on phones and internet searches throughout the world and the leaks that Edward Snowden put out on them ( The article goes in to detail explaining all of the different types of information and methods that the NSA was acquiring and using in a variety of different sections.

One of the disadvantages that this has is to the privacy of the individuals. As people are monitored in the internet searches that they do and phone calls that they make it means that the information that they may be sending was intended to be private and the NSA are looking at it. This means that people are seemingly unable to actually send any information without some other person knowing in some way and therefore people will start to feel less safe even if the information that there are sending is of no national importance.

Another disadvantage there may be from this is that this may lead to is to the trust n the government. This issue is mostly psychological with the stakeholders in this situation as it is to do with what they think of the government. As the stakeholders in this situation were not informed until Edward Snowden came in about the information access of the NSA they are know that the Government has been avoiding to tell them the truth in what is going on. This will lead to a lack of trust and reliance in the government and may lead to more problems.

An advantage that there may be from this issue is to do with the safety of the people. As the purpose of the NSA was to find dangerous information this means that they are only looking for potential threats in the information that they are looking for. This means that if there are able to find dangerous information that they would have been unable to find without this tracking then the system is effective and is clearly doing what it was intended to do

All of these reasons are important to the ethical argument of whether it is good to spy on people or at least survey what they have said. There are clearly things that may lead to problems with this issue an it seems that there always will be as many people do not think that spying is a good idea and do not believe that it should happen at all. However there are other that would take up the argument that the end justifies the means meaning that if the spying is successful then it should be allowed to prevent what it needs to.

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