P4P is the new kid on the filesharing block. P4P is a new technology that will make filesharing applications that makes torrenting and peer to peer transfering alot cheaper and faster. But is this neccissarily a good thing?


P4P is basically an improved version of P2P. P4P works just liek P2P except it focuses on connecting local peers as much as possible, thus speeding up downloads and decreasing the price ISPs have to pay to support them. ISPs will definitly support this, as it saves them money, but what does this mean for users?

The P4P working group is made up of members of the entertainment industry and many anti-piracy supporters. This rises many issues with P2P users because they know it is inevitable that these members of the working group will push the developers to incorperate anti-piracy filters into their clients and have them make other measures to stop piracy through the P4P networks. For users, this means that through P4P they wont be able to get the files they want but as the use of P4P increases P2P will become significantly slower. For members of the entertainment industry and anti-piracy supporters this means that there will be more protection of intellectual property on the internet.

The use of P4P means bottlenecking the use of P2P. When the traffic for P4P increases it will slow download and upload rates for P2P causing users and ISPs, not part of the P4P movement, to see a decline in performance. P4P users will share less with P2P users because they will be focused more on local sources rather than global. This raises serious net neutrality issues. P4P might increase speed and reduce cost of file transfere traffic for ISPs but it negitivly affects non-supporters of P4P. The P2P users will not be able to benfit fromt he P4P users because P2P doesnt localise and P4P does.

To sum up, P4P is a new technology that will increase torrenting and file transfer speed but only at the sacrifice of the P2P community. And P4P is also going to, inevitably, be controlled by the entertainment industry destroying all file trasfer that doesnt protect intellectual property. So no more downloading free music from thepiratebay. 🙁

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