In Matt Mason’s boring but highly valuable book about piracy he shows the effect of piracy on our daily lives. He also focuses on three of the social ethical issues through out the book which are intellectual property , authenticity , privacy and anonymity. In which he describes by giving evidence the development of piracy with technology.He then talks about how property could be distributed and shared for absolutely no cost. Ultimately he gives evidence to his point by showing how everyone could be a Punk nowadays.

On our airwaves, in our public spaces, and through the new layers of digital information that envelop us, pirates are changing the way we use information, and in fact, the very nature of our economic system. From radio pirates to graffiti artists to open-source culture to the remix, the ideas behind youth cultures have evolved into powerful forces that are changing the world.” “Private owned property, ideas, and privileges are leaking out into the public domain beyond anyone’s control.” (3)

“If digitised property can be infinitely reproduced and distributed without cost, how can it be protected? This book suggests the pirates might save the ship. And the answers are in the youth culture. Youth movements are a way of communicating alternatives without inciting bloody revolutions.” (4,5)

Punk Capitalism is the new set of market conditions where piracy is the business model. “Youth cultures often embody some previously invisible, unacknowledged feeling in society and give it an identity.” (13)

“At punk shows, the band and the fans occupy the same space, as equals. There is no hierarchy. Everyone is part of the performance.” (18) Punk fostered the D.I.Y. (Do it yourself) movement. Everyone could be a producer. Form your own band. [No talent required. dlm] “Despite their ideals, many old punks are kept in business by corporate advertisers, doing the very thing they once rebelled against.” (21) “Punk amplified the idea that nothing else mattered apart from the will to do it yourself. … Technology is helping the D.I.Y. mentality realise its full potential.” (26) “The creative individual…is the new mainstream.” (27)

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