The book Total recall discusses the question ‘How the E-memory revolution will change everything’? With this being this long will discuss the opening chapter Vision, which explains the concept behind total concept and the effect that it will have on the world as a whole.

Author, Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmel in the opening chapter bring up the idea that as we age we lose memory. They then, create an ideal situation proposing that ‘what if you never had to forget anything, but had complete control over what you remembered’? They believe that we will be able to have the ‘capacity of total recall and total control’, giving us the ability to ‘retrieve as much or as little as you want at any given time. This is essentially through the use of three streams of technology. The first, aspect of this stream of technology is the accessibility to recording more of our lives at ease. Through the use of digital cameras, e-mail, cell phones and personal digital. Secondly, the new personal digital records can now be stored more cheaply than can easily be imagined. For example, for $200 we can own enough memory to store everything we read, heard and also take 10 pictures a day for our entire life. Third, technologies enabling us to search and analyse, as a result making presenting data easier. With this being said, it is apparent that with all these means of technology that one day, sooner rather than later we will be able to obtain total recall. Furthermore, they bring up the fact that the movement of total recall is inevitable as oppose to an idea that is unwillingly forced onto society. For example, the ease of regaining this lost knowledge and most importantly, the aspiration and prospect of having full control of our memories. Described in the book as being our own librarian, archivist, cartographer and curator of our lives.

Personally, the concept of total recall is something that I feel is essential to human development. This is simply because of the obvious advantages in being able to obtain absolute memory. For example, the ability to recover particular events, names, faces and words. Additionally, I believe through our digital memories to uncover patterns in our lives. For example, our work, leisure and spending habits. The importance of these advantages is that we can trace back how or why we became bankrupt, and how to better maintain our fitness. However, there is one major disadvantage to concept of total recall, this is because of the issues with privacy. For example, with telephones, if we get recorded we don’t know where these recordings go or who exactly is using it.

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