Enabling the Future

Within the last section of the book “Remix” Lessig introduces the reader to reforming the worlds laws and societies to enable the future to have a better place to live. Throughout the twentieth century RO culture has become more relevant however the future centuries could be even better. Lessig states that through the diverse cultures which could be accessible, cheap and available anytime and anywhere is the norm. Lessig finds that the hybrid economy is the future, and that it will give an opportunity to expand the uses of RO and RW cultures, to allow our kids a better future to enable them to create and grow their understanding of the different spreading cultures. Finally Lessig concludes that the future beholds a better RO culture, a more vibrant RW culture and a flourishing world of hybrids. Finally its realised that the future cannot be made without motivation and not just promises, we need a plan to make these futures real containing real changes which are necessary by changing the law and ourselves.

At the start of this third section of the book, Lessig refers to how by reforming the law we can have a better future. The copyright law must be changed because it is the base of RW and RO cultures and helps them to flourish. Lessig goes on to suggest 5 possible ways to change the copyright law and offer a better future. 1)Deregulating Amateur Creativity:We need to restore a copy right law that leaves amateur creativity free from regulation. This meaning less control over amateurs would mean more profit. 2)Clear Title: Copyright is an extraordinary inefficient property system which is why copyright systems are not always the answer to a working market. The title claims the property however this is one of the most inefficient ways to claim your work. 3)Simplify: This states that the law must become more simple. The simplicity of the law would all an ideal balance of protection and incentives. 4)Decriminalizing the Copy: This states that the law must not constantly focus on what people copy and modern reproductions but aiming more to regulate the uses of those copies like public distribution. 5)Decriminalizing File Sharing: This solutions states that when a file is shared there should be a taxes to cover a reasonable royalty to the artists whose work is shared.


In conclusion these solutions to a better future seem to be important because of the increasing amount of expanding cultures which can only flourish with the presence of the copy right law. Due to the increasing and expanding amount of RO cultures, the copyright seems to be too strict and too focused on the wrong copyright violations. This will allow more development within the worlds societies and to offer a better future for the next generations.

Written By: Jelle Debruyne

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