You will choose from 6 models and simulations and then simply play with the two applications and see how they work and functions. Once you are able to use your simulation/model you will need to be able to produce an infographic ( to answer the following questions : –


  • Create an infograph that is the ultimate reference chart for your assigned type of computer model.
  • This chart should be the source of useful information on the topic.
  • It should be clearly and neatly presented in a logical and useful manner (use links on effective infographs).
  • Your chart should take advantage of the media to communicate its information (i.e. it should not just be large amounts of text).

Your infograph reference chart should:

  • Identify the real event or situation that underlies this model.
  • Outline a list of the variables being modelled. What is the data set that they use – is it comprehensive, valid and reliable?
  • Describe the feedback loop in this simulation.
  • Identify the advantages of using a computer model
  • Outline the types of decisions that might be made based on the results of your model
  • Identify the disadvantages including any variables for which it is particularly hard to determine values
  • Identify possible impact caused by inaccurate results
  • Real life examples of where and how these types of models have been used.
  • What would be the advantages and disadvantages of using your chosen model and simulation for its chosen application?
  • Links to web pages/apps containing models of this type for us to experiment with.
  • A bibliography

Two examples are and is one place you can go to create your infographic : –

Models and Simulations to choose from – Please choose one each I will leave this up to you to each choose and decide
– Enigma –
– Blood Glucose –
– Fold It Science Modelling –
– Traffic Simulation – or Urban Traffic –
– Show USA Visualisation –
– 6 Second ECG –
– Energy Skate Park –

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