Soon after the start of the Large Hadron Collider’s computers, the GST(Greek Security team) hacked into the computer controlling one of the most important components for the LHC’s experiment to work. Though no real damage has been done by the hackers, this just emphasizes how vulnerable this high tech pieces of machinery are. This, as you can imagine, created quite a scare with scientists as the hackers almost gained full access to a critical systems responsible for the experiment to work. This is worrying because it could render the years put into making this device, if they cannot receive any data on what the particles are doing.

This article ties in with one of my parent’s fears with technology today which is Security. This shows that anyone can be susceptible to security issues which greatly increases my parent’s fear. She knows that although the Internet is a bountiful resource, it can come with consequences if you do not have the correct security.

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