Packet Tracers is a visualisation of a network created by Cisco Systems. This is a simulation of a network that allows users to create a network which imitates real life networks. I used a video that helped me understand how to use it.

Creating A Simple LAN using Packet Tracer

This is a video showed how to build a simulated local area network between 3 computers and a switch.

These are screenshots of what I created through this video. The screenshots show a mail packet being sent from PC1 to PC2. In order to get to this step, we first had to pick out which hardware we were going to use and gave them IP addresses. Next, we went to the simulation portion and filtered out every protocol except for the ICMP, the internet control message protocol, which sends out messages. From this, we needed to place a PDU onto PC1 and chose the destination for it on PC2. The screenshots then show the stages that it goes through from PC1 to the router switch, then the switch to PC2, the message then gets sent back to PC1 through the switch.

The limitations of Packet Tracer is how knowledgable the person using it is. This is because even with the video guiding me, the simulation is very complex to use. Even though it is a simplification of the real world network, this would be hard to use for any first timer and would rely on vides like the one above to use in order o get started. The social impact of not having enough knowledge of computer networks is evident when using this program.

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