Do models help and hinder our thinking and problem-solving?

If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,” -Albert Einstein

Basically the main use of models is to use them to elaborate on the problem which will then lead you to an almost perfect solution. We have used three models which are as follows:-

1. ITGS triangle

Starting ITGS: ITGS triangle and social / ethical issues

This model basically helps you to gather all the facts like the top three people who are affected, the positive or negative impact, the top three issues which we have to be concerned about, and the specific IT systems we are dealing with. This model gives us an idea in which direction we should take the following issue forward.

2. Iceberg

What is the iceberg model? Here's 2 examples showing how well it works!

It is the more systematic and informative model, which makes your thinking broader and gives you various perspectives on how to look at the situation, in this model you aren’t only focusing on the present trend but also the reasons how it got here and how it has changed over the times. And also not only the facts but also the beliefs, values, assumptions which are unintentionally neglected. But this model might open the doors to a set of new problems because when you talk about beliefs, values, and assumptions, it’s unlikely they are similar and some of them might as well contradict each other.

3. Shifting burden – this is when you have a set of solutions and you try them out by using the model whether, will it make a difference in the long run, no solution can ever have zero side effects but the question is are the side effects significant enough to make a change.

The Systems Thinker – Shifting the Burden: The "Helen Keller" Loops - The  Systems Thinker

As it’s widely said, every coin has two sides. Even Models do, models can be a reason you conclude to a solution, but at the same time models can create a bigger problem than the key issue. Yes, models do hinder our thinking cause they force us to a confined and a narrower concept than it actually is, models put an end to our thinking skills and just provide us with a definitive solution.

These Models are just supposed to be used as a supportive element of your analysis and problem solving, a model shouldn’t be the solution to your problem but should be used as a technique to get to a solution to your problem. Models answer the HOW question not the WHAT question.

Hence models are a boon and a bane at the same time, they are just a way used to formulate the way you think and to help you to articulate a problem based on the limited resources you have, at the end of the day it depends on what extent do you rely on it for a solution.



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