With time, comes Evolution


Marc Prensky is talking about evolution and how we have to change our style of living to cope up with the development of technology. He has classified people into two categories Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants. And how digital immigrants have to adapt and learn new things in order to enlighten the digital natives. He thinks short videos, role plays, and games related to the subjects are a better way compared to hour-long lectures  Hence, he wants to replace the old generic way of teaching with digitalizing the whole system.

I’m for the argument, I totally agree because it’s the best long term solution and also thinking about tomorrow’s youth,  the fact that a professor still uses paper as a resource today in lectures might lead to the future generation thinking of paper as an artifact. It’s the generic attitude if you can watch it, why read it? If you can google it, why learn it? If you can type it, why write it?

In today’s world, a child chooses to play video games instead of studying, what if we just turn the tables around and make studying a video game, the child will feel more inclined to study, this will be in the best interest of the child and the teacher. And expecting the digital immigrants to evolve and become more digitalized, is a step forward to development, I feel more the digital natives, smarter the society. And the fact that digitalizing involves the process of learning and improving your skills at technology, is an attempt to eradicate one of the biggest social/ethical issues which is people and machines.

Yes, my school and the teachers provide support for the argument, or else I highly doubt that I would be writing this blog post at the moment. Digitalization’s aim isn’t to get rid of the physical books but to cater to all the types of learners whether it’s visual, auditory, etc. There is no peer pressure, you learn and grasp concepts at your own pace which can create a significant change in the quality of education. I just feel that when you already have too much on your plate, and your important documents, notes  and textbooks are just one click away, it makes life a lot easier.

After I asked my parents about it I realised that digital natives and digital immigrants need to be categorised by the age of the following person, it all depends on the equality of access privileges and how convenient it is. My father said yes, he is a digital native since childhood and it is just made his life easier, but at the same time, my mom impulsively said digital immigrant and how it’s still challenging to get it all around her head. But there is a significant amount of curiosity to learn.

Yes, the thinking process and the working mechanisms of digital natives are highly different than immigrants but that just allows us to see certain things from different perspectives giving us a variety of solutions for many issues, for example, maps and directions, in the olden days you need to take out an A3 size map and figure out the routes. Today you can just pick your phone up and say “Hey Siri, how do I  get to the library? ” and there you go , you have multiple routes with almost accurate durations of your journey. The ironic excuses won’t work anymore like my pet ate my homework, etc as everything is on your smart notebook-your laptop. Even the printing evolution, calligraphy, or block printing was a strenuous job and wasn’t worth the time of our highly skilled human resources . Technology is the reason we are now printing about 2.2 million books every year.

Illustrations by: Vanda Kovacs

Digitalization is highly effective right now during the global pandemic,  everyone’s life is on pause but education wasn’t highly affected. It gave us a chance to embrace digital learning, helped students discover their true potential and teachers found easier ways to interpret their teachings, this way of learning can tackle the worst consequences.

Some of the social and ethical issues being brought up here are People And Machines, Reliability, digital divide, and equality of access. People and machines refer to how easy is it to use and will a person who has never their hands-on technology before will be able to work on it easily,  rather than expecting humans to be exposed to a hazardous environment when the job can be done from the comfort zone of their house. We can also talk about reliability as people are placing their future in the hands of technology, how dependable is the IT system today. And lastly, digital divide and equality of access, as the growth of technology is leading to more disparities leaving a bigger difference between the have and have nots, the group of have nots will be highly disadvantaged by this decision of digitalization. Unfortunately, technology is so widely spread all over the world but it still isn’t as affordable as we think it is, creating a drift with the population.

I solely believe in the famous saying  ” when in Rome, do as the Romans do “. It is human nature to resist change but it will be worth digitalizing our lives, it’ll make life easier and less stressful. However, we should not forget our roots, so the best way to digitalize is to find the middle ground between legacy content and future content which gives confidence to both the immigrants and natives. And I feel that it should be a two-way street, immigrants must make some changes in order to educate the natives but the natives also should learn the basic idea behind certain things. It is always better when you learn a manual car and then shift to an automatic car, it increases your survival instinct and prepares you for the real world.

The Digital Natives We Teach Are Creating A Number Of New Challenges. – EDTECH 4 BEGINNERS.

Hence, our aim should be to convert digital immigrants to digital natives who have the capability to do anything and everything, they should be able to work with a polaroid and at the same time the camera application on their phone too. I want to conclude by saying “A jack of all trades is a master of none but oftentimes better than a master of one. “



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