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PHeT atomic interaction simulations:

This simulation was quite interesting for me since I’d used other simulations from the same website in physics classes before; they were for much simpler topics, or for exploring radioactivity which isn’t possible to do in Singapore. Thus it was quite familiar to me, but I can imagine maybe for a first-time user that all the buttons and variables that you can control can be a bit daunting. However, I think that this is the main advantage of the simulation: that you can technically “experimental” values from it really easily and quickly.


My first impression was that the website was very clean-looking, and didn’t have many words. It took me a bit to realise that there were actually many other variables I could display, and that I could also do variables specific to the USA such as electoral colleges (which is strange considering that the company is European). Overall, this model was quite concise and effective at what it was designed to do, since it was intuitive to navigate and understand what the sizes of countries meant.

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