For my article in ITGS, I am looking at the impacts of Social Networking websites in the workplace. There are a few social and ethical issues relating to this topic

Firstly, I can relate this to Privacy & Anonymity. This is because Employees’ internet usage is being monitored constantly. Facebook is perceived as a distraction rather than a business tool; but in the view of employees, Social networking enables easy communication and the sharing of ideas. While most offices ban facebook, some can see it’s advantage. This also interlinks with Policies & Standards; as it raises ethical questions over what counts as productivity, as well as how offices plan to use the technology itself.

Secondly, I can relate this to Globalization. The globalization of the technology is allowing colleagues to work together and communicate abroad; boosting productivity. 30 years ago, it was difficult to work abroad. But now with the new technology in computers, such as social networking; business conferences are one click away.

But the big question is whether companies can successfully embrace social networking as a business tool rather than a distraction. Will we become too dependent? Could it impair human communication? There are many issues lying within this article; which is why I am writing on it for my first Portfolio.

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