The article I have carefully chosen to use in my Itgs Portfolio has to do with the “digital dark age”. This is when, in the near future, society will lose exobytes of data due to rapidly advancing platforms and formats.

This article invokes several social and ethical issues. The first and most obvious issue is reliablility. As more information is being digitalized everyday, we need to bring into question whether this is a good idea or not. Is it really more effective to have a digital copy of something rather than a physical one? Data can be corrupted causeing, in most cases, permanent loss in that information. While the most that can be done to a physical copy is physical damage. Should we really put our trust into digital storage that can be manipulated so easily?

An area of impact that this issue can affect is Business. If we were to suffer a digital blackout lots of things would be affected including economic and business records. This could cause many economic problems, as economists require previous records of economic history in order to predict future economic outcomes.

This case could open eyes to the effects of new technology. New technology can be innovative and more advanced than its predecessors. But what problems can it create for a society already relying on older technology?

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