The book I have to read for ITGS is ‘Secrets and Lies‘ and I went into this book with  no expectations what so ever. This is because I had never heard of this book and know almost nothing on the subject of digital security. Network SecurityBut I was surprised at how the first introduction (there are three) was so accessible and showed how  the things he talked about in 2000/2001 can still be applied to technology today. He even went on to explain the whole problem with network security and this is only the first chapter. He  described about how software companies that produced security software were not liable for their product. Meaning they could release an unfinished and unsecure product that could be changed with updates. So the company does not make a fully finished security program but rather makes a very basic one and release updates or upgrades for the software. Since this makes the software unreliable the security incidents that consumers may have cannot be blamed legally on the company.

I could not believe that after the first chapter that there was more to talk about the subject but I still have over 300 pages left of the book. The second chapter talked about how his previous idea about network security was wrong and that this book was to correct that mistake. If find this respectable because the author is showing that he can make mistakes and is not a total god of the subject. Chapter 3 the book actually started to begin and explained systems in a way that I could understand by using examples that I can understand. Though my opinion of this book is higher than it previously was, I will have to read more to see how my opinion evolves

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