Governments make individuals lives more accessible to thieves who want to steal their identity; the CCTV cameras are the first step to destroying privacy forever. The issue is that there are about 4 million CCTV cameras around London. The government believes that with these cameras they can catch criminals, and even stop crime from happening. However, the public views are different; they view it as an invasion of privacy. The government can spy on anyone; and this is very creepy because anyone can be viewing those film, maybe perverts and stalkers. We need to know that someone sensible, smart and not paranoid is watching those cameras. The public likes the idea of trying to stop crime, but doesn’t like the fact that the government wants more cameras on the streets.

Another form of invasion of privacy is the privacy of individuals’ personal information. A quote from the BBC said,

“Similarly, with supermarket loyalty cards, customers are forced to hand over information that identifies them individually. This was despite the fact, said Professor Gilbert, that all the store really needed to know was what items were being bought.”

This means that all individual info is being handed over to the store, when all the store really needs to know is what was brought. Anyone can access this information, stealing a person’s identity.

The fact that privacy is like gambling with one’s information, the odds are against the individuals. The government and technologists have privacy set up like an open book, that can be bought cheaply. What we need is more security for our privacy. We need solutions, an advanced face recognizing software system in cameras will only track a person who is in the police database. When there is a match comes up, police can track him down. Also that the footage will be deleted if nothing useful is on it and if something is useful is on it, it is evidence for the trail.

Stakeholders: Everyone, Government, Public, Police

IT Systems in a Social Context: Personal and public communications – CCTV cameras, Biometric Systems

Social and Ethical Aspects:

• Security: the cameras that are up and around are meant to protect us from criminals; but at the same time it’s the security of people lives that is a risk because the government can listen in to what they have to say and monitor them, destroying their lives.
• Privacy and anonymity: privacy is a thing of the past, because if government suspect individuals to be a criminal then the government will access every aspect of their lives and nothing will be spared.
• Control: who ever controls these cameras has power over everything because it is Government who can convict anyone of anything criminal.
• People and Machines: the government uses these cameras to look for criminals, but sometimes the government will invade people’s privacy to see what is going with them.

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