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Yes Grade 11’s along with Slifeing and finishing your book review here is a third assignment that will keep you busy. Using the skills that you will garner during the next week or so with creating tutorial/example based Excel Spreadsheets (yes for once we will use a normal application rather than some Web 2.0 based shenanigins), you must then choose a realistic project from one of your other subjects to design and create a spreadsheet for. Subjects that would probably be very sensible to choose might be Mathematics, Economics, Sciences, Design Technology, Drama etc… What productive function the spreadsheet does is up to you? It might create a test, it might plot a specific experiment and show results, it might be a booking sheet for a theatre or it might be a break even chart analysis? YOU decide.

You must however use a minimum of ten of  the following skills (that you will practice this next week or so) within your spreadsheet to make the design and so its workings as efficient and automatic as possible:-

  1. Vlookup
  2. If Statement
  3. Countif Statement
  4. Charts
  5. Advanced Filters
  6. Basic Mathematical Formulas – Aveage, Sum, Max, Min,
  7. Macros (you will need to use Office 2004 on the Mac – Why?)
  8. Conditional Formatting
  9. Spinners
  10. Date/Time Functions
  11. Formatting, Titles and Buttons
  12. Validation/Verification
  13. Password Protection

Along with this, the spreadsheet should be well designed and user friendly with suitable instructions for a new user to be able to follow and understand what they are doing when it comes to inputing data and processing an output. The spreadsheet should have multiple sheets, and include a title page. Dr Tech will show you some examples of existing spreadsheets that fulfill the above purpose.

Make sure you test your spreadsheet models, as the assessment will be based on an unknown user/client attempting to use your spreadsheet without instruction from yourself.

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