In February, Pattie Maes demonstrated some new technology at the latest Technology,Education, and Design conference. Pattie talked about the idea of having a sixth sense and what it would be like. Her idea of a sixth sense is being provided with information or data seamlessly. In an example of this, Pattie and her student made a prototype that would make these things possible using off the shelf materials such as a webcam, a projector, a mirror, and a cell phone.

Patti Maes Projects

This device is connected to the information stored on the web, and can recognize hand gestures. This device can recognize all of your surroundings and with this you can determine the best deals on goods, call people, tell time, take photos, look up people, and read your plane times all seamlessly.

This technology is an example of augmented reality which is the combination of the real world and computer generated data. The idea is that with the progression of this technology will eventually lead to a brain implant. The area of impact would be, while it would affect many, arts, entertainment, and leisure. This would have some social and ethical issues including people and machines. This would affect this as this technology will affect the way that people interact with their surroundings forever which includes the way they interact with other technology. The main stakeholder would be society as this will affect the way that people do things.


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