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Cory Doctorow: ‘Technologists have failed to listen to non-technologists’ | Social media | The Guardian “One of the problems with The Social Dilemma is that it supposes that tech did what it claims it did – that these are actually such incredible geniuses that they figured out how to use machine learning to control minds. […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

The New Generation of Spam Bots are Coming “Soon, Reddit will be overrun by bots. There are many of them here already, but it’s nothing like what we are about to see. Reddit is about to become a battleground. A test site for a new age of social media. Perhaps even civilization. Things are going […]

Digital Immigrant Questionarre

A few weeks ago, I got my parents, both digital immigrants, to answer a questionnaire on technology. The answers were much more interesting than I imagined and I’m here to recap those answers. The Past In my parents’ time, computers were nothing like what they are today. Most computers had significantly worse hardware, much bulkier […]

Liars and Outliers – First review

Bruce Schneier is an American cryptographer, computer security professional, privacy specialist, and a writer who studies the human side of security, he posts a monthly blog and newsletter on is said that Bruce is” the closest thing the security industry has to a rock star “. Overview  The book starts off talking about how […]

Chapters Summary: Intro to Chapter 3 The book Remix by Lawrence Lessig thoroughly investigates issues with copyright laws in the modern society, going into the social and ethical issues of Intellectual property, equality of access, Policies and standards, and Globalization. Lessig starts the book by providing examples of how copyright law can be misused or […]

Could you imagine using a computer without an internet connection, not having a 2560 x 1600 pixels display, actually using wires to connect the keyboard and the mouse? When I first asked my dad about the first-ever computer he used? He reminisced then smiled and said “In 1989, The Intel 486 DOS PC, it had […]

You Are Not A Gadget – For Now

  At the beginning of “You Are Not a Gadget”, Jaron Lanier starts by making a very clear statement regarding technology and people. Every media and technology affects each of us differently, as Lanier says a person is not a pat formula, but a quest, a mystery, a leap of faith. If we knew the […]

My parents have seen a drastic change in technology from their childhood until now. While I’ve grown up with laptops and tablets, my parents didn’t have this type of advanced technology. My mom’s first computer was a 486. It was rather big and had a small screen, unlike computers nowadays, this computer needed its space, […]

The Library of Alexandria: It’s always been quite human to aspire to record things to remember, whether it be which berries are poisonous to a special occasion with a loved one. In terms of evolution, forgetting was disadvantageous, and remembering essential for survival. In the book “Delete”, the first three chapters highlights humans’ journey […]

Surveillance Valley – Re-connecting the dots

I’ve been reading Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine for about a week now and I cannot fully express the praise this book deserves in words. This book opens up a side of the internet that has hidden in plain sight for decades and the book itself is already 2 years old, which makes me wonder […]

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