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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

DNA Databases

  DNA Databases, aka Biobanks. There are two main types of Biobanks in this world. One that is Direct-to-customer (DTC) and another for scientific development. It can also be said that the DTC Biobanks may be using the genetic DNA to aid scientific research, however their main purpose is to provide customers information about their […]

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Smart lie-detection system to tight… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation – European Commission “The unique approach to ‘deception detection’ analyses the micro-gestures of travellers to figure out if the interviewee is lying.” Tags: ITGS, ai, machine learning, bias, false positive, reliability – By dr tech Hacker Finds He Can Remotely Kill Car Engines […]

Databases Social and Ethical Implications discussion

The internet is full of interesting and horrifying things and databases are one of them. Databases that are easily accessible to the public on the internet that the controversy of privacy and security of the information on them. I will be analysing the social and ethical implications of some of these databases. Terrorist Screening Database […]

Databases Social and Ethical Implications and Discussion Databases! Public Databases! Oh no! Security and Integrity affect databases in general, as the databases all depend on accurate data. The most up-to-date data could be the difference between having to spend time in jail – or not. Duplicate names, lack of updating, are just some reasons why […]

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Ethics committee raises alarm over ‘predictive policing’ tool | UK news | The Guardian “Amid mounting financial pressure, at least a dozen police forces are using or considering predictive analytics, despite warnings from campaigners that use of algorithms and “predictive policing” models risks locking discrimination into the criminal justice system.” Tags: ethics, ITGS, government and […]

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Teens ‘not damaged by screen time’, new Oxford study finds / Boing Boing “Based on data from over 17,000 teenagers, the study “casts doubt on the widely accepted notion that spending time online, gaming or watching TV, especially before bedtime, can damage young people’s mental health.”” Tags: ITGS, social media, people and machines, facebook, teenagers […]

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Calls for Global Internet Regulations – Bloomberg “Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg called for new global regulations governing the internet, recommending overarching rules on hateful and violent content, election integrity, privacy and data portability.” Tags: ITGS, facebook, globalisation and cultural diversity, policies and standards, regulation, social media – By dr tech […]

Climate Change Blog Post Simulations use models to predict all possible outcomes and scenarios based off existing data. They are used to predict events that are impossible to execute, expensive or dangerous. After playing with two different climate change models, I have raised some questions over the reliability and integrity of climate models to correctly […]

Climate Change and Models

Climate change models are used to model future predictions of rising temperatures on Earth and how things that are happening now can contribute to this. Experience using climate change models Using two types of climate change models on an excel spreadsheet has been confusing at first but easier as it went on. I am a […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

Alexa and Google Home have capacity to predict if couple are struggling and can interrupt arguments, finds study | The Independent ““AI can pick up missed cues and suggest nudges to bridge the gap in emotional intelligence and communication styles. It can identify optimal ways to discuss common problems and alleviate common misunderstandings based on […]

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