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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

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How Autonomous Cars Will Reshape Our World – WSJ “Everything around us will be altered by autonomous vehicles—our roads, our warehouses and even our definition of what a car can be. Say goodbye to four wheels and a running board; the cars of the future will barely resemble the vehicles choking our cities today.” Tags: […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

UNCTAD | Data Protection and Privacy Legislation Worldwide Tags: ITGS, privacy, legislation, globalisation, data protection, anonymity How many stars is a smile worth? The social cost of emotional labour | Media | The Guardian “Such service workers are, according to Hochschild, practising emotional labour. We have long embraced the classist trope “the customer is always […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

Major vulnerability in 5G means that anyone with $500 worth of gear can spy on a wide area’s mobile activity / Boing Boing “That’s why it was so important that the new 5G mobile protocol be designed to foil IMSI catchers, and why the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, or 3GPP (the body standardizing 5G) updated […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

Largest dump in history: 2.7 billion records; 773 million of them unique; 140 million never seen before / Boing Boing “A dump called “Collection #1” has been released by parties unknown, containing email addresses and cracked passwords: in its raw form, it contains 2.7 billion records, which Troy “Have I Been Pwned” Hunt (previously) de-duplicated […]

So what does this all mean?

Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free, by Cory Doctorow can be summarised by his three laws: Doctorow’s First Law: “Any time someone puts a lock on something that belongs to you and won’t give you the key, that lock isn’t there for your benefit”. Doctorow’s Second Law: “Fame won’t make you rich, but you can’t […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

Hoobox launches Wheelie 7, first wheelchair controlled by facial expressions “The Wheelie 7 kit equips a wheelchair with artificial intelligence to detect the user’s expressions and process the data in real-time to direct the movement of the chair. Smiling, raising the eyebrows, wrinkling the nose or puckering the lips as if for a kiss are […]

Oh No we’re at the end already!

What I love about great books like Liars and Outliers by Bruce Schneier is that the ending of it is just superb. A clean finish to a chaotic, beautiful and deeply analytical book. Schneier is able to incorporate so many ideas and evidence to really solidify his points consistently throughout his book. For me, what […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

How to Identify Almost Anyone in a Consumer Gene Database – Scientific American “Researchers are becoming so adept at mining information from genealogical, medical and police genetic databases that it is becoming difficult to protect anyone’s privacy—even those who have never submitted their DNA for analysis.” Tags: ITGS, database, DNA, privacy and anonymity, data mining […]

Good day! The internet and the world wide web has not only brought us so many delightful and useful tools and information, but has brought a gust of never-ending dangers such as deep fakes and identity theft. This blog will be focused on voice replication. Voice replication is where samples of voice are taken from […]

Real Life Dilemmas.

Happy New Year! To start off 2019 I shall begin with an information-filled blog continuing with the book Liars & Outliers by Bruce Schneier once again. What I really love about Schneier’s book is that he continuously brings back familiar ideas and situations to make it very easy to follow new concepts. This clever technique […]

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