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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

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Office worker launches UK’s first police facial recognition legal action | Technology | The Guardian “Squires said that Bridges had a reasonable expectation that his face would not be scanned in a public space and processed without his consent while he was not suspected of wrongdoing. The court heard that thousands of people have had […]

Playing with a network simulator??

Good day and why hello to my amazing readers out there in the WWW! Today I am here to share my thrilling and mind-bending experience with CISCO’s Packet Tracer. This is a program which allows user to emulate real life networks just on their PC! The program is highly complex and due to the limitations […]

The complexity of Packet Tracer

Packet Tracers is a visualisation of a network created by Cisco Systems. This is a simulation of a network that allows users to create a network which imitates real life networks. I used a video that helped me understand how to use it. Creating A Simple LAN using Packet Tracer This is a video showed […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

Is India the frontline in big tech’s assault on democracy? | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian “the Financial Times quoted one Indian political source claiming that WhatsApp was “the echo chamber of all unmitigated lies, fakes and crap in India”.” Tags: ITGS, whatsapp, india, politics and government, fake news, social media, integrity, democracy […]

This blog post is about the explorations of different Artificial intelligence is a machine or program with the ability to process and respond to inputs from the surroundings by itself without further instructions. Teachable Machine This experiment is about teaching a program to recognise different images to produce different outputs whether it may be pictures […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

Olivia Laing: ‘I was hooked and my drug was Twitter’ | Technology | The Guardian “I wasn’t so much addicted to the spectacle as to the ongoing certainty that the next click, the next link, would bring clarity. I felt like if I watched everything, if I read every last conspiracy theory and threaded tweet, […]

Identity Theft

I made an infographic on identity theft: Identity theft When thieves steal your personal information for harmful or inappropriate intent using your name. It can happen online or in the real world. Social Impacts Privacy and anonymity: People’s identities and personal information can be released their information to the public or their information can be […]

DNA Databases

  DNA Databases, aka Biobanks. There are two main types of Biobanks in this world. One that is Direct-to-customer (DTC) and another for scientific development. It can also be said that the DTC Biobanks may be using the genetic DNA to aid scientific research, however their main purpose is to provide customers information about their […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

Smart lie-detection system to tight… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation – European Commission “The unique approach to ‘deception detection’ analyses the micro-gestures of travellers to figure out if the interviewee is lying.” Tags: ITGS, ai, machine learning, bias, false positive, reliability – By dr tech Hacker Finds He Can Remotely Kill Car Engines […]

Databases Social and Ethical Implications discussion

The internet is full of interesting and horrifying things and databases are one of them. Databases that are easily accessible to the public on the internet that the controversy of privacy and security of the information on them. I will be analysing the social and ethical implications of some of these databases. Terrorist Screening Database […]

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