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So its simple – what are your thoughts on the digital native – digital immigrant discussion? Watch these videos around the subject – or maybe others that you find. What do you think? Now Read through the very famous article by Marc Prensky on Information Technology and Education. Present your Arguments in a blog post neatly […]

Well what a great first debate on the interesting article Why Privacy Matters even if You have Nothing to Hide. I think we can all agree that the outcome and winners of the argument were those for the fact that privacy is highly important to us  even if we have nothing to hide – and […]

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr

Summer was going very well until I remembered that I had to read this novel. After reading my first post about this novel, Mr. Perkins was not pleased. He wants positive feedbacks and wants to know what the novel is actually about. However, some of the things I wrote in that post are relevant when […]