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ITGS Online (weekly)

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ITGS Online (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of ITGSonline group favorite links are here.

Parents thought on technology?

After interviewing my father on his thought, view and experience with technology, I have learn something that I never knew before. It is interesting to me because I get to know some technology in the past that exist when I wasn’t born yet and it’s what people in my father’s generation used. I also learn about how technology is being used much more in these days where the pandemic is still happening.



This is the first computer my dad used in 1986. (maybe not exactly this model but something very similar to this one)

  • The screen size is around 17 inches.
  • It looks like a television.
  • He used this computer to produce a report and print out by dot matrix printer.

My dad first use the internet more than 20 years ago for some research. His view on technology is that it is a good tool for speed up work and it allows us to search information online much more easily than going to a library which is what people do in the past. In the other hand, he also thinks that technology is expensive and require maintenance.



Nowadays, my dad is working from home. He uses Microsoft programs a lot such as word, excel, powerpoint and outlook. He said that his job requires quite a lot of knowledge on using technology, especially when working from home. (Even though sometimes he still asks me on how to do certain tasks on some software eg. he once asked me about how to use master slides in Microsoft Powerpoint)

The company that my dad is working in is now developing facial recognition technology for scanning employee’s face before entering the building. I think this is very interesting how technology is developing from using smart card for identity to now using biometric!




From my dad’s view, he thinks that technology will develop very fast that he doesn’t think that he can keep up with it. Luckily, his company are providing trainings for employees. He thinks that in the future, the company might get rid of most paper based tasks and only keep necessary one such as some documents that still needs to be sign by hand.

He thinks that security and privacy are the main concerns with technology. Using online platform is good if you use them properly and doesn’t let them cause harm for yourself. I think that he concerns about security and privacy because growing up, he didn’t use these technology and only started using them in his early 20s.

ITGS Online (weekly)

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To use or not to use models

I believe models  help us in thinking and problem solving  it is a visual summary and helps us visualize all aspects of something,  its also more interesting to use models as there are more pictures and graphics and structure than just reading, take the iceberg model for example it takes us through a step by step process of what is the problem and how we can come up with a solution, it takes us through what happened, then general trends and patterns of the problem locally or globally, what are influencing those patterns and how we can come up with the solution, this model helps us recognise the problem, what could be causing it and seeing if there is a viable solution.

Another example could be the UK subway map, this at first glance could be very complicated and could he a hinderance, for example if english isnt your first language this map could be a struggle to read or if you are colour blind. But other than that this map shows a clear and colour coded map, with labels that show you where you are and how to get to your next location.

Models also help as the newer generation prefer more visual graphics over texts due to their short attention span, so in conclusion I do believe models can be a very huge benefit to use.


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To use models or not to use models?

“To use models or not to use models?”

All models are mostly useful, people have been using models to help them learn and understand things they haven’t done before. They could use models as a guidance to help them accomplish something. However, there can be some flaws and hinders in models which makes us wonder if to use models or not to use models. The models can be designed in different ways to help us understand or could be difficult to understand but is easy to remember. They may have different purpose and so they have different designs and graphics. Some models are important and is needed for education. The models below will elaborate and show why it is helpful and hinders.

Examples :

See the source image
Helps :
This model is colorful and there are only a few words to make the readers easier to remember. It is clear as the graphics and the color it used is simple. It gives us the most essential words and it shows the main key of this model. The circle at the midpoint of the model shows the main topic of this model. Which makes us know clearly of what this model is about.

Hinders :
It looks easy but it can also be difficult to read. Some words are not put in place and so you would have to look at it side ways to read it. This model is not detailed and we may not know the definition of those words, even if it’s easy to remember the words, it may not change anything if we don’t understand the definition of it. It’s also a one person perspective and will be hard to read it with many people.

See the source image

Helps :
This model is made for us to easily understand and gave us sentences to read. This model is also easy to understand and remember. The designs are clean and there are images to show what things are. Which helps us recognize the words. The title of model is big and clear for readers. It also tells you where to start reading and finishing at. It’s not a one person perspective.
Hinders :

Most readers will read things from the top to bottom. It could be better if you can start reading from the top. In other models, it doesn’t tell you where you should start because it’s natural for you to read things from the top.
See the source image

Helps :
This model is easy to understand, there are relevant definitions. It’s a one person perspective. It tells us that these 3 keys are very closely related to Stakeholders. It’s simplify.

Hinders :

I do think we should use models as it helps us understand the topics more. A clean graphic with colours could help you memorise things better. Some models may have more hinders than helps but you could always find other models with the same topic.

So what are Models and what is their actual impact on students?

Models actually are?

Models -“A model of an object is a physical representation that shows what it looks like or how it works.” to make it more understandable is the graphical representation of something. There are lots of models like that or that

Models improve our learning 

  1. They make content easier to remember.
  2. Making the text more colorful and enjoyable to read rather than boring text.
  3. And they actually help to explain something and make it more understandable to the reader.

For example, when you are reading about science let’s take physics didn’t you notice that fact that every since book if it’s not every page has a graphical illustration of the text that makes it simpler like that one.

So we came to that model actually useful yeahh!!

ITGS Online (weekly)

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To use models or not to use models?

You might wonder whether models are useful or not? So, the main question here is

“Do models help or hinder our thinking and problem solving?”

Let’s take a look at some examples to see whether models help OR hinder or thinking!


London Underground map

I would say that this model helps our thinking.

  • Each Tube lines are colour coded in different colours so, it is very easy to identify each lines.
  • This map is simplified from curve or wavy lines of the real railway to straight lines so, the map looks organised.
  • The map contains lots of information and words but it is arranged nicely.
  • Important symbols about stations which are appropriate for people using wheel chairs or some stations that offer trains between cities are included on the map which is really useful.

Personally, I had use this tube map during my London trip in 2019 and I found that it is easy to use and it didn’t take long for me to figure out what is it all about. Also, it is quite memorable! I used District line and Piccadilly line very often and after a few days, I did remember some of the station names in those lines!


Bangkok Underground Map

I think this model hinder our thinking.

  • This map doesn’t include much information. For example, there are no stations names except for the destination of each lines which doesn’t make sense because people won’t be able to use this map to go somewhere they want.
  • Each lines are colour coded with different colours but unfortunately, that doesn’t help because it does look quite complicated. It is not something that you look at it and you have an idea what it means.


The Iceberg Model

I have used this model and it actually helps me to think in a logical way.

  • The model looks simple. The iceberg picture already represent the meaning or the purpose of the model.
  • There are only short sentences or phrases but it covers information needed.
  • It makes us think in more depth about a topic which is useful because we might come up with a better answer!
  • It makes us think in steps which guide us to expand our ideas and thoughts.



In my opinion, models do help our thinking. Models represent information in a way that we can visualize them. Models simplified some complex information into a simple diagrams that we can remember much more easily. Use of graphics or colours also help. Models can help communicate our ideas or to understand processes needed to complete tasks.

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