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DNA Databases

  DNA Databases, aka Biobanks. There are two main types of Biobanks in this world. One that is Direct-to-customer (DTC) and another for scientific development. It can also be said that the DTC Biobanks may be using the genetic DNA to aid scientific research, however their main purpose is to provide customers information about their […]

Databases Social and Ethical Implications and Discussion Databases! Public Databases! Oh no! Security and Integrity affect databases in general, as the databases all depend on accurate data. The most up-to-date data could be the difference between having to spend time in jail – or not. Duplicate names, lack of updating, are just some reasons why […]

Image via Wikipedia Well Grade 12’s as you are wading through those past papers – here is some light relief for you to get your teeth into and discuss… A big story at the moment is that of Wikileaks closing down due to lack of funds when it is now being hailed as the only […]

A recent story in the news has been associated with Google Maps. A roofer named Tom Berge scouted for and stole half-inch lead tiles using satellite images on Google Maps. Lead tiles appear darker than others; Berge and his accomplices used this knowledge to make off with an estimated £100,000. Google Maps has had some […]

Well you will have the pleasure of playing around with Photoshop CS3 over the next two weeks , and will understand  many of the processes and tools that you have access to that enable you to alter photographs in may ways. These should include the use of the following tools:- Clone Stamp Tool Masks Layers […]

Having made decent progress through my book Identity Theft, Inc. I have come across some intriguing findings. First of all, I managed to find the identity of this anonymous author  – Glenn Hastings. If you Google this man you’ll find he is a male born in 1966, you’ll also find his accomplice – Richard Marcus. […]

Reliability, integrity, security, honesty, ambiguity. What kind of description can we give to Internet safety? After interviewing my parents concerning their views of technology in the past, present, and future, I found that they both more than agreed upon the invasion of Internet privacy as being their greatest fear. Both trust in the Internet and […]

[seetheface id=”1″] Excuse the dodgy video introduction above…but hopefully it will have intoduced you to your one-stop-shop, of information for your Information Technology in a Global Society course. Whether you are in the first or second year of your course I will be posting news stories, homework items, research help, video resources and much more […]