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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

Good day! The internet and the world wide web has not only brought us so many delightful and useful tools and information, but has brought a gust of never-ending dangers such as deep fakes and identity theft. This blog will be focused on voice replication. Voice replication is where samples of voice are taken from […]

Lyrebird is a website that allows you to create a voice replication of your own voice. They create voice replication by making you read out sentences 30 times and load that into their database to create a voice replication of your own. You would be able to type anything into the program and the voice […]

Hi all, Well after quite a lot of theory finally some practical assignments – where you will learn through doing. Phewww – follow the instructions for your assignment for the next couple of weeks. Part 1 Today we discussed the use of Photo Manipulation and its social and ethical issues in a variety of scenarios. […]

Over the next week or so – you will be looking at the use of Multimedia within ITGS and there are two main parts of this unit that you will be following : – Part 1 You will be given the ITGS textbook finally and need to read through Chapter 6 – Multimedia making notes […]

On Tuesday – you will receive feedback on your latest Paper 2 assignment, we will go through some Graphics content and also a main discussion on Authenticity of photographic media in the digital age! After this the following four classes I am either away on the Drama trip or involved in Options Meetings. So this […]

Authenticity Issue

Authenticity Over Internet Authenticity of any thing nowadays is important. What you see, might not be what you get. Sometimes you look at a product online and want to buy, it might not be genuine and you might get the replica (fake) version of the product but how can you be so sure that what […]

I recently watched a video on Miro called “X-Play Game Previews” (I looked under video games) and I watched the video, and it sprung a thought, “Hang on a minute, Beatles Rock Band?” The important word is Beatles, because it made me wonder why there are so many celebrity endorsements for video games these days? […]

We have looked over Web2.0, a big step in Internet functionality, but Web3.0 may be the next significant advance in the reasonably near future. The 20-year anniversary of the World Wide Web was celebrated at a gathering in Geneva recently on the 14th of March. Tim Berners-Lee, acclaimed inventor of the Internet, attended this celebration […]

Well you will have the pleasure of playing around with Photoshop CS3 over the next two weeks , and will understand  many of the processes and tools that you have access to that enable you to alter photographs in may ways. These should include the use of the following tools:- Clone Stamp Tool Masks Layers […]

After about six years of transforming the concept into its product form, Microsoft Surface has now come to be an amazing new interactive product released only last year in 2007, officially becoming the first surface computer on the market. The basic concept behind this product is to turn an ordinary table top into a vibrant, […]

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