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On July 13th this year, Edward Snowden gave a keynote speech in ORGCON, the UK’s largest human and digital rights conference. During his speech, he touched on the state of surveillance in the world in the past, present and what impact it will have on the future. He also touches on how his personal story […]

Well what a great first debate on the interesting article Why Privacy Matters even if You have Nothing to Hide. I think we can all agree that the outcome and winners of the argument were those for the fact that privacy is highly important to us  even if we have nothing to hide – and […]

Facebook was threatened by Germany over its facial recognition software, which the German critics say violates privacy and data protection laws. This software of Facebook identifies the user’s friends on each picture and tags them. There was a strong disapproval by the users of Facebook when this software began in June. Though the users can […]

Grade 11’s as you know I am away next week so please read below your targets:- Continue with the video project – all filming should be finished by Friday 15th so you will need more than the classtime to do this. Remember the equipment is all in the classroom – please keep this tidy and […]