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Hello all 5 people who read my posts that aren’t me, I’m back from the dead to write a new blog post on the topic of simulations and models except this time, I’ll be using a different medium: Infographics. When tasked with making infographics for the topic, I decided to use canva instead of hand […]

bouncymaps phetsimulations (Links to open the Bouncy Maps and PhET infographics are above) Computer models and simulations can challenge our learning but they can also really help us understand and visualize things in a clearer way. Bouncy Maps and PhET simulations are quite different but they are both very successful in getting their points across. […]

Climate Change Blog Post Simulations use models to predict all possible outcomes and scenarios based off existing data. They are used to predict events that are impossible to execute, expensive or dangerous. After playing with two different climate change models, I have raised some questions over the reliability and integrity of climate models to correctly […]