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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

In the Daily Telegraph article “The Couple Divorcing Over Husband’s Virtual Lover”, we follow Amy Pollard’s outrage over her husband committing “Adultery” in the virtual world simulator Second Life. Her husband first had a virtual affair with an online call girl. Amy eventually hired a private detective to confirm these facts, which were confirmed to […]

Tim Berners-Lee is currently the credited inventor of the world wide web, still now being its head director.  One major concern being recognized now is providing access to the 80% of the world’s popultion that currently don’t have it.  The other main concern is dealing with credibility amongst internet sights.  An idea suggested for this […]

If you watched today’s Webb Alert you’d come across the small news feed headlined “Wario Youtube Viral-o” Well, I looked into this and it’s actually an impressive new idea for advertising – in this case showing off the new Wario Land: Shake It for the Nintendo Wii console. Associating with ITGS I decided that the […]

Digital Immigrant/Native

Recently our class had to write an essay on the Marc Prensky article about Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives(click here to read). Digital Immigrants are described as the older generation who did not grow up with the technology we have today while the Digital Natives are described as the new generation as we have grown […]

The article that I found most appropriate for my father’s biggest fear in technology describes the various concepts of Biometric Face Recognition. As a general overview, Biometric Face Recognition is a technique used in modern tracking technology currently under government control. The United Kingdom, as an example, uses this software with the CCTV cameras in […]

In a mere thirty years, technology has changed dramatically. We have  gone from computers the size of rooms to ones that will fit on our laps and run incomparably faster. My father feels that his life would be significantly different had he grown up with the technology we have today… Image from More information […]

  This article accurately sums up the issues raised by mother surrounding military technology.  The area of impact this article concerns is Politics and Government. With advanced military technology being sold by Russia; the political fears have been brought up involving who should and shouldn’t be allowed to purchase weapons (Iran and Syria in this […]

The popular alternative to Microsoft’s office suite OpenOffice is now natively available as a beta for the quickly growing operating system Mac OS X. Openoffice could become a major threat towards paid office clients as it’s popularity is dramatically increasing. One of the primary problems with buying a computer is having to purchase a large […]

The issue presented in this long article, “The Real Threat to Google” is the widespread use of cell phones to access the Internet. The article talks about the increasing threat Google faces everyday as phone technology develops and people start to use their mobile phones to go on Internet. As we all know, or at […]

The very interesting article “Helping Addicts Cope Through Virtual Immersion” talks about helping alcohol or drug patients in therapy or rehab by recreating real-life situations as simulations. The aim of the use of this technology is to put the patient in a situation mentally where they are in a bar, house, party or with people, […]

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