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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

This is about how WoW (World of Warcraft) became affected with a disease and how the effects of the outbreak, not the disease, but how it spread and how people took it mimicked real life situations. most people helped others selflessly, others ran away and were worried about themselves, and others deliberately infected others. this […]

Theories are going around saying we are in a computer simulation like Sims or World of Warcraft. they are many theories and suggestions going around however there are three possibilities of computer simulation, and I’m going to analyze them.  One of the possibilities is that “The chances that a species at our current level of […] is a social bookmarking network, where users put up they’re favorite bookmarks and you can share them. one of the features allows people to share certain bookmarks and seeing how many other users have the same bookmark as you. this allows other people to see what you have and give you sites that you […]

It’s scary how fast technology develops, even scarier that I find it hard to imagine what would be invented or discovered next. The article I chose to read talks about the development of biological molecules which are basically made up of living organisms that can operate with its biochemical environment. It can also work by […]

Imagine a world in which computer users would never have to us a mouse or a keyboard again! It seems impossible at the moment but believe it or not, technology is already being implemented to revolutionize the world of input as we know it. Not very long from now, one will have the ability to […]

This image is from Think back to the last time you wore a mood ring. Adolescents and even adults naturally find them an amusing way of determining mood among other things. With their color changing mood detectors, these gadgets can tell if you are happy, sad, confused, or even angry. Imagine the day that […]

Source: The use of the newest technology in businesses has drastically revolutionized company efficiency and priority. Technology has changed the ethics of business in order to create a more consumer-based environment. A supermarket employee no longer has to manually process the prices of goods at a checkout station. The tedious process was transformed in […]

The article I research is ( where “BBC Science producer Simon Morton goes clubbing in Barcelona with a microchip implanted in his arm to pay for drinks.” The article talks about how he had the chip implanted and how he could use it to pay for drinks without the need for a wallet or purse. […]

Governments make individuals lives more accessible to thieves who want to steal their identity; the CCTV cameras are the first step to destroying privacy forever. The issue is that there are about 4 million CCTV cameras around London. The government believes that with these cameras they can catch criminals, and even stop crime from happening. […]

Psychologists and researchers are just beginning to understand the complex concept that is human intelligence. The vast array of abilities and strengths the human kind embodies is still being uncovered. Computers operate in much the same way as our cognitive mind, in fact it was the creation of the computer and the digital memory storage […]

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