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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

ITGS Online (weekly)

DeepMind is developing one algorithm to rule them all | VentureBeat “DeepMind is trying to combine deep learning and algorithms, creating the one algorithm to rule them all: a deep learning model that can learn how to emulate any algorithm, generating an algorithm-equivalent model that can work with real-world data.” Tags: ITGS, algorithm, people and […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

US schools gave kids laptops during the pandemic. Then they spied on them | Jessa Crispin | The Guardian “The problem is, a lot of those electronics were being used to monitor students, even combing through private chats, emails and documents all in the name of protecting them. More than 80% of surveyed teachers and […]

Parents thought on technology?

After interviewing my father on his thought, view and experience with technology, I have learn something that I never knew before. It is interesting to me because I get to know some technology in the past that exist when I wasn’t born yet and it’s what people in my father’s generation used. I also learn […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

Brazilian Workers Paid 70 Cents an Hour to Transcribe TikToks “He quit the same way he’d been given the job: through a WhatsApp message. He had neither a contract nor any documents regulating his employment. For Felipe, the plan to make a little quick money became a hellish experience. With TikTok’s short-form video format, much […]

To use or not to use models

I believe models  help us in thinking and problem solving  it is a visual summary and helps us visualize all aspects of something,  its also more interesting to use models as there are more pictures and graphics and structure than just reading, take the iceberg model for example it takes us through a step by […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

“Don’t Believe Proven Liars”: The Absolute Minimum Standard of Prudence in Merger Scrutiny | Electronic Frontier Foundation “In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19b, and promised users that it wouldn’t harvest their data and mix it with the surveillance troves it got from Facebook and Instagram. It lied. Years later, Facebook mixes data from all […]

To use models or not to use models?

“To use models or not to use models?” All models are mostly useful, people have been using models to help them learn and understand things they haven’t done before. They could use models as a guidance to help them accomplish something. However, there can be some flaws and hinders in models which makes us wonder […]

So what are Models and what is their actual impact on students? Models actually are? Models -“A model of an object is a physical representation that shows what it looks like or how it works.” to make it more understandable is the graphical representation of something. There are lots of models like that or that Models […]

ITGS Online (weekly)

The great data robbery “A major data breach at Phetchabun Hospital last week served as a loud wake-up call to state and private organisations to pay attention to their cybersecurity measures, as experts warned cybercrimes could become more commonplace in the years to come. The breach involved the data of 10,095 patients, including their names […]

To use models or not to use models?

You might wonder whether models are useful or not? So, the main question here is “Do models help or hinder our thinking and problem solving?” Let’s take a look at some examples to see whether models help OR hinder or thinking!   London Underground map I would say that this model helps our thinking. Each […]

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