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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

While I suppose a title seems overly melodramatic, it actually does describe the occasion, a carnage. Lets have a look at the post op report in an even more dramatic manner! Dossier: The Mission: To sucessfully defend wiki-leaks in a debate with another school. The Date: 29-11-2010, 1130 hours The Location: Cisco Systems, [REDACTED] The […]

The writer of a worm that can enter jailbroken iPhones has accepted a job to be a hacker full time. Although he will be doing his work for good, are iPhone owners so happy about the situation? For more information, visit this link. I believe that this article will be a good choice for my […]

Image by carlaarena via Flickr Grade 11’s now your Video assignment is over as announced it is time to begin your first Internal Assessment portfolio. The essential element of any good portfolio is the choice of the article – and the best wasy to choose an article is to read and organise as many as […]

Order a PIZZA Grreat flash animation at what is happening to all that information about yourself – think it comes from the video America! Watch and laugh or cringe? (tags: privacy security social ITGS) China’s E-Tail Awakening Coolness16 has chosen this article what do you think, a good one to choose for the first portfolio […]

ITGS 2 – to clarify these are your longer term deadlines for Internal Assessment Portfolios: Thursday November 1st – Final Draft Portfolio 2 Tuesday 13th November – First Draft Portfolio 3 making sure that each of your portfolios covers a different area of impact and also you have decided on which one to extend. Also […]