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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

Well the books have been chosen – and you have started to read your wonderful Technology / Society based books:- Liars and Outliers – Im A Potato Surveillance Valley – Circuit ITGS You are not a Gadget – RRC123 Remix – Multiple Cabbages Delete – YeeHAW Your mission is to review the book on these […]

Hi all, Well we have got started with the Major Project criteria B,C and D and the deadlines for these are up on ManageBAC so time to Wiki Nd Eghs … first thing you need to be in two teams of 2 and one team of 3 (you will find numbers amongst the waste – […]

Well it is going to be a busy week this week and leading up to Christmas – so please keep checking your ManageBAC regularly re deadlines and upcoming events. So as a heads up – Software Mini Quiz is on Thursday – same format as normal – some of you still have not shared your […]

Do you want to EAT RASPBERRY PI!

One unit down and a fun one too – Photoshop and Multimedia – you have also learnt how ITGS works, how Paper 2 exams work and are graded so what next. Well something even more fun – you will be learning the basics of programming and much much more… Well its time to do some […]

You survived a half term – you have enjoyed a weeks holiday and forgot everything about school.Oops – did you forget that you had a paper 2 assignment to do and the feedback for you was waiting on your GDOC – well all but Kiki, Final Prison Fish and Rabbit Eater did forget apparently! So […]

Until Half Term – Heads Up

Well half term is coming and your last week is going to be very busy – so as there is so much on – I have decided to give you the Tuesday and Wednesday class next week to work on the assignments. And just in case you are a little lost here are the targets […]

Assessment Clarification

Hi all, I may make it in for class Period 3 – but if not here is the assessment deadlines clarified for you :- 1) Photoshop Assignment – 4 images manipulated – emailed to me by end of Thursday 12th 2) Multimedia Notes – in some form shared by end of Thursday 12th 3) Digital […]

Dr T will be away probably the next two classes – due to the arrival of a wee daughter. And so you have three things to be getting on with :- 1) Continue on with four Photoshop tasks as set – for finish on Thursday. Please when you have finished the four examples – please […]

Over the next week or so – you will be looking at the use of Multimedia within ITGS and there are two main parts of this unit that you will be following : – Part 1 You will be given the ITGS textbook finally and need to read through Chapter 6 – Multimedia making notes […]

You by now have all started flicking through your book, and reading some of the first chapter. You may still be questioning why why why you have to read such a long detailed book related to an ITGS issue. This may be your first non-fiction read ever – especially in a specific subject area. BUT […]

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