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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

Image via Wikipedia Well Grade 11 – You have started to study into the nuts and bolts of how a computer works, and know how confusing it is! Understanding your RAM, from your EEPROM, your BIOS from your PCI, your OMR from your OCR, your serial from your parallel processing, your mainframes from your PDA‘s, […]

BBC News – TECH As Cloud Computing is becoming more popular as emerging web services are beginning to provide free use of online storage space.  Greater and greater amounts of data are flowing more frequently and being cumulatively stored within the seemingly infinite shelves of online capacities. However, is infinity online really a matter of […]

In Plain English Videos – Finally

Much more tricky than it seemed using a camera and iMovie HD to bring together our ‘In plain English Videos below”. Note I think the Social and Ethical Issues video needs re-exporting at a lower quality as it does not appear to stream very well, if at all over a slow connection. Remember when exporting, […]