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Hi all, I will not be able to attend your lesson on Friday so here is what you need to do – I discussed with both Youngtroopz and Fats about the depth and structure of your research on the different IT Systems on the wiki. So it is important you check each of the following […]

The UK Government’s Plan to disconnect filesharers from the internet has been met with deserved criticism. This plan directly interferes with the ITGS Social & Ethical Issue of Privacy & Anonymity; as it will force ISPs to report illegal activity and ultimately disconnect users; but in a more realistic sense deals with Intellectual Property. The […]

In the Daily Telegraph article “The Couple Divorcing Over Husband’s Virtual Lover”, we follow Amy Pollard’s outrage over her husband committing “Adultery” in the virtual world simulator Second Life. Her husband first had a virtual affair with an online call girl. Amy eventually hired a private detective to confirm these facts, which were confirmed to […]

Facebook is a social networking site for those who have not yet discovered its many advantages such as offering an easy way to find old friends and connecting with current friends online. Sure it serves an entrtainment purpose; there are many fun applications one can put on their profile to show their personality in one […]

Welcome back, from your mock exam week. So what next? Well you have a good idea of what Paper 1 and Paper 2 entails and we will be practicing and bringing together more notes related to these papers. So now the unspoken Paper 3 is about to be thought about. Paper 3 involves a case […]