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DNA Databases

  DNA Databases, aka Biobanks. There are two main types of Biobanks in this world. One that is Direct-to-customer (DTC) and another for scientific development. It can also be said that the DTC Biobanks may be using the genetic DNA to aid scientific research, however their main purpose is to provide customers information about their […]

Databases Social and Ethical Implications and Discussion Databases! Public Databases! Oh no! Security and Integrity affect databases in general, as the databases all depend on accurate data. The most up-to-date data could be the difference between having to spend time in jail – or not. Duplicate names, lack of updating, are just some reasons why […]

Secrets & Lies

Before reading the introduction, I decided to have a look into the preface, to my surprise, it started off with a sentence that I would have never expected to read before starting a book. “I have written this book partly to correct a mistake.” From there, it goes into how his first book “Applied Cryptology” […]

We have looked over Web2.0, a big step in Internet functionality, but Web3.0 may be the next significant advance in the reasonably near future. The 20-year anniversary of the World Wide Web was celebrated at a gathering in Geneva recently on the 14th of March. Tim Berners-Lee, acclaimed inventor of the Internet, attended this celebration […]

Image via Wikipedia Yes Grade 11’s along with Slifeing and finishing your book review here is a third assignment that will keep you busy. Using the skills that you will garner during the next week or so with creating tutorial/example based Excel Spreadsheets (yes for once we will use a normal application rather than some […]

The article that I found most appropriate for my father’s biggest fear in technology describes the various concepts of Biometric Face Recognition. As a general overview, Biometric Face Recognition is a technique used in modern tracking technology currently under government control. The United Kingdom, as an example, uses this software with the CCTV cameras in […]

Giant Databases

The government is planning on making a database that will contain every phone call that you have made, every email that you have sent to your friends and relatives and also every web page that you have visited during the last 12 months. The government thinks that this is necessary in order to stop terrorism. […]

While Dr Tech is Away…on Tuesday.

Hi ITGS group, I will unfortunately be absent for the Tuesday single period. So here is what you will need to do/complete by Wednesday:- Download the following countries Filemaker Pro Database – Information Age Database. If you need to transfer it to the Cedar 20 laptops there is my USB Flash memory in the draw […]