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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

thanks for reading my post I hope you will enjoy 🙂      Introduction In this post we are goning to disscuse about ITGS and why I chose it.There will be about Top Ten IT systems issues facing the world and some interesting links to read it in more details.      Why did you […]

The Internet has grown drastically over the past few years and most of us wouldn’t know what to do now without it. I have grown in a world where technology is used every day and where we are surrounded by it. Both my parents are quite tech-savvy and technology was used often at home but […]

bouncymaps phetsimulations (Links to open the Bouncy Maps and PhET infographics are above) Computer models and simulations can challenge our learning but they can also really help us understand and visualize things in a clearer way. Bouncy Maps and PhET simulations are quite different but they are both very successful in getting their points across. […]

Hello! This we are going to talk about MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), where I have attempted to design a MOOC that will be at least 50 % successful. I have created a document outlining my targeted audience, the content that will be available, the features of my MOOC (GEARNING), and the policies and standards […]

Mark Prensky’s article, “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants”, he talks about how people born into the digital age, after the year 2000, called digital natives find being educated to people born before the age, before the year 2000, called digital immigrants boring. He explains that teachers who are Digital Immigrants cannot teach digital natives the same […]

You are not a Gadget, by Jaron Lanier is an analysation of how humans ultimately interact with and study technology, and how we as humans are impacted by the way that we interact with the technology. In the last half of the book, Lanier revisits the claims he had previously discussed in the earlier chapters of […]

Digital Natives, Digital Imigrants

Link to Picture: In the article Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, by Marc Prensky, the main arguments or points that he makes, are that there are Digital Natives, who have grown up with modern technology and who are very familiar with it, and there are Digital Immigrants, who have been introduced to modern technology over the […]

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr

Summer was going very well until I remembered that I had to read this novel. After reading my first post about this novel, Mr. Perkins was not pleased. He wants positive feedbacks and wants to know what the novel is actually about. However, some of the things I wrote in that post are relevant when […]

There are two parts to this question. The first one being that there is a positive side and the other one being the negative side. The positive stated in the article were that because of technology, students can access many of the information needed online. However, it also goes on to talk about how children, […]

I will be giving a review on Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Mark Prensky. The article starts off by talking about the change in students and their way of learning. Digital Natives, being the younger generation students, means students today are all ‘native speakers of the digital language’ of technology. The article goes on to […]

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