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Image via Wikipedia Yes you have had your time to improve your first portfolio – and I hope you have taken that chance. As it is on to your second portfolio assignment, with the initial research taking place over the next few weeks – GULP! First of all you will need to go back to […]

(Picture – David Kernell) Guidelines: * Briefly, explain what happened, what the implications were because this was an email account that she used for work. * How at risk are you and your friends (have you ever shared a password, did you change it afterwards, etc.) * What is the potential fallout of someone gaining […]

Seeing as my dads greatest fear had to do with biotechnology and, mom’s with weapons, I decided to chose an article that dealt with a good compromise, bio-terrorism.  The article starts in with the G8, which is “a powerful economic and political grouping comprising Britain, France, Germany, Russia, the United States, Japan, Italy and Canada”, […]

Robot with a rat brain It seems that scientists have discovered yet another way to baffle the public with a potential new way to control robots. If you have not already figured it out by reading the title or watching the video, scientists have developed a robot that is controlled by living rat brain cells […]

The very interesting article “Helping Addicts Cope Through Virtual Immersion” talks about helping alcohol or drug patients in therapy or rehab by recreating real-life situations as simulations. The aim of the use of this technology is to put the patient in a situation mentally where they are in a bar, house, party or with people, […]

This is about how WoW (World of Warcraft) became affected with a disease and how the effects of the outbreak, not the disease, but how it spread and how people took it mimicked real life situations. most people helped others selflessly, others ran away and were worried about themselves, and others deliberately infected others. this […]

It’s scary how fast technology develops, even scarier that I find it hard to imagine what would be invented or discovered next. The article I chose to read talks about the development of biological molecules which are basically made up of living organisms that can operate with its biochemical environment. It can also work by […]

Imagine a world in which computer users would never have to us a mouse or a keyboard again! It seems impossible at the moment but believe it or not, technology is already being implemented to revolutionize the world of input as we know it. Not very long from now, one will have the ability to […]

Source: The use of the newest technology in businesses has drastically revolutionized company efficiency and priority. Technology has changed the ethics of business in order to create a more consumer-based environment. A supermarket employee no longer has to manually process the prices of goods at a checkout station. The tedious process was transformed in […]

[seetheface id=”1″] Excuse the dodgy video introduction above…but hopefully it will have intoduced you to your one-stop-shop, of information for your Information Technology in a Global Society course. Whether you are in the first or second year of your course I will be posting news stories, homework items, research help, video resources and much more […]