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Welcome back as always to the final and shortest term of the year.

Grade 12’s this will be your final week, so we will be working hard revising any last problems you have with the syllabus or examination technique. I can lend you back out the Flash cards and will also be giving you the overall mind-maps for revision. Then finally it is a week or so and then your final examinations – all I can say is good luck and the amount of work you put in over these final few weeks will lead to you fulfilling your potential!

Grade 11’s two things to remind you about:-

  1. Your Photoshop assignment is due this Thursday featuring:- A discussion on the principles of photo manipulation and suggested rules and policies for accepted maniupation along with your substantiated answer to this issue. Then your chosen photos for maniupulation with explanation of how you made the changes and then your final photoshop manipulations in both your idea of an accepted ethical and inethical manipulation. This should all be presented in a Word document with bibliography.
  2. The following Thursday – 30th, first draft of your second Internal Assessment portfolio – organised and set out as shown with your first portfolio. Make sure you check the criteria and layout and use the guide to help you with your portfolio.

Obviously towards the end of this term you will have examinations which will be based on actual ITGS examinations, and this with your second Internal Assessment will be the basis for your second semester grade.

P.S Check the links in the last few posts there is some great stuff for your portfolio pieces.

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