AufmacherImagine a world in which computer users would never have to us a mouse or a keyboard again! It seems impossible at the moment but believe it or not, technology is already being implemented to revolutionize the world of input as we know it. Not very long from now, one will have the ability to communicate an idea through the use of a single, mostly reliable, tool, the brain. You’re probably finding yourself asking, how on earth does that work? Often referred to as the Brain-Computer Interface this new technology will use complex brain signals to transfer data into a device for it to appear as information on a screen. This technology is believed to, in the future, revolutionize what we as humans are spending our time doing. The interaction between man and machine will change drastically. Originally, this concept came about as a solution to change the lives of those with severe motor disabilities as well as other disabilities. Researchers around the world are currently working to develop this technology as quickly as possible. Currently, brain computer interface has been tested on humans but not yet fully implemented. View this video to see just how it works!

The primary IT system mentioned here includes people and machines. People are the main stakeholders as well as the ones truly affected. As the technology continues to develop, consumers will become more and more of a central focus to this issue. There are many social and ethical issues involved with the brain-computer interface. Health, equality, and also reliability are just a few that can be mentioned.

If you want to see more about how the brain-computer interface works, visit this link.

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