I recently watched a video on Miro called “X-Play Game Previews” (I looked under video games) and I watched the video, and it sprung a thought, “Hang on a minute, Beatles Rock Band?” The important word is Beatles, because it made me wonder why there are so many celebrity endorsements for video games these days?

In my younger years I used to play alot of games, enjoyed making it one of my single activities until the miricle of LAN-gaming and System-Linkage came along where I could share a social experience with my friends. Now, you might be wondering where this is going? Well, among some of these games, they were given some sort indirect endorsement to the games. Back then, the main ‘people’ behind the titles were things like Tom Clancy who had games such as Ghost Recon & Rainbow Six with his name tagged along with it. This means that the consumer buying it will think along the lines of “oh look, Tom Clancy who has made Military novels has added his knowledge to this game”.

Despite this, now celebrity endorsements seem to be very popular in games, the “Beatles: Rockband” seems to be just the beginning of the trail. For Guitar Hero, they’ve released games  such as Metallica and Aerosmith as full retail price games, the difference? Nothing, the gameplay is exactly the same, the graphics are the same, the only difference is that they’ve added songs which could be easily covered in DLC (Downloadable Content) along with tagging a well known band to the front. My point simply, is there a need to have a celebrity endorsement back up franchise ? Does it necessarily make the franchise much more authentic by having addition names like “The Beatles” or “Metallica” to make it seem better? Have a look at the image below and think besides the game, is there only a difference with the title, or are there any new features?

"Features are the same... so what is the big difference?"

My case in point, there is no difference to what you are seeing up there. In my personal perspective, I believe it is unnecessary, simply because games were able to function without endorsements from celebrity’s. You might say there is nothing wrong with it, however, my point wasn’t that it was wrong, my point is that is it necessary to add important or ‘big’ names to make something seem better then it is. While this hasn’t put me off gaming in general, it does make me wonder sometimes whether I should bother to buy certain games when they might not be as good as they as seem they are.


I’m totally new to this blogging articles thing, so apologies if this was a long and boring read. I’ll try make these shorter in the future!

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