Over the years amazon has developed a platform technology for reading on the go. Downloadable newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, eBooks, Novels, Poems, articles, etc have been made to be downloaded onto the cheap and useful Amazon Kindle. The Kindle is cheaper than most eReading tools because of its wireless internet capability. The Kindle, even after paying for shipping and handling costs can be cheaper than most electronic book platforms in the country of origin. The Kindle targets traveling businessmen or people who travel around alot. Now the Kindle is becoming globalized. With international wireless internet this has become a must-have appliance for traveling. “Book lovers can now fire up their Kindles from Albania to Zimbabwe, but Canadians are still in the cold as far as Amazon.com Inc.’s popular electronic book reader is concerned.” (CANWEST NEWS SERVICE). Now the Amazon Kindle has reached over 100 other countries around the world from Albania to Zimbabwe. “Whether you’re in Paris, Mumbai or Sao Paulo, you can think of a book and be reading it in less than 60 seconds,” Amazon.com said in a statement on its website. For more information about countries which have wireless capability and which don’t go to the third link in the comments.  The Kindle becoming international deals with Globalization because it is becoming an international appliance. It also has to do with people and machines in specific, businessmen.

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