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Grade 11’s now your Video assignment is over as announced it is time to begin your first Internal Assessment portfolio. The essential element of any good portfolio is the choice of the article – and the best wasy to choose an article is to read and organise as many as possible so that you make the right choice. There are a number of ways to organise individually as you find articles – but it is much better if we share and organise as a group using a social bookmarking tool.

The best tool that I have found is called Diigo – so first of all you will need to do the following:-

    1. Go to the website and join Diigo.
    2. I would recommend using Firefox as you can also install their Diigo toolbar which makes things really easy to use – if not you can install a bookmarklet for Safari.
    3. Watch the video below or go to these tutorials to find out how to use Diigo.
    4. Make sure you join the ITGSonline group.

      Okay once you are familiar with Diigo then here is what you have to do to share suitable articles for your Business and Employment portfolios: –

      1. Search and find at least 5 articles that fulfill the ITGS portfolio criteria.
      2. For each one you find – you must Diigo bookmark it including a snapshot.
      3. For each bookmark – you must make sure you save it to the following group ITGSonline and make sure you tag it correctly using the correct social and ethical issue – along with your own tags that are relevant.
      4. For each bookmarked page – you must then annotate the following points – IT System, social and ethical issue, solution, statistics and whether you believe this the perfect portfolio article or not-  and other relevant factors.
      5. Finally check out other students bookmarks and add your own comments.

      You thought it was all over – but not quite – finally by  23rd from the articles bookmarked choose one you consider the most interesting and then write a full blogpost using the ITGS triangle to analyse the article – with links and most importantly a description of the IT System.

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