Recently the topic of “Business” and “Employment” have been brought up recently; and on the Guardian theres an interesting story about how an employee stole and sold personal account details to rival firms. Now, this is major as some person just working in a company immediately takes your information and decides to sell it without permission! This has actually effected the business as a result of many angry customers losing their trust in what they thought was a secure firm. However, this would be no ITGS Blogpost without the triangle of doom death evil involved. So, lets have  a look shall we?

Main Article:

“Personal details of thousands of mobile phone customers have been stolen and sold to rival firms in the biggest data breach of its kind, the government’s privacy watchdog said today. An employee of phone operator T-Mobile sold the customer records, including details of when contracts expired. The millions of items of information were sold on for “substantial sums”, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said. Rival networks and mobile phone retailers then tried to lure away T-Mobile customers by “cold calling”.”

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Social Ethical Schtuff:

Privacy- This employee has taken the accounts of thousands of people who use phones for their own personal lives, how is their privacy invaded.
Security: How good is the security of T-Mobile?
People and Machines: How has this employee used this data base to his advantage?
Reliability: How reliable is T-Mobile at protecting its information?
Control: How do we choose who is in charge of our information? How do we know they may control the information wisely?
Policies & Standards: Are standards good enough at T-Mobile to stop other employees from behaving like this?

AOI (Areas Of Impact):

Socially, people will be paranoid about protecting their phone as well as their information.
Business wise, this effects T-Mobiles reputation as a telecoms company.


T-Mobile Users
Spam Companies.

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