Fats Million is reading Remix!Fats Million is reading Remix by Lawrence Lessig!

Thank you, Slowpoke. In my first update with the book I am reading for ITGS, Lessig has already delved into the topic of a ‘hybrid economy’ to combat piracy. As he has written, many people believe that “Either Hollywood will win or The Net will win” the situation. For these people, there is no middle ground to suggest that the pirates can work together with original creators. This is not entirely true, because there are examples where digital distribution can coexist with actual payment. Take iTunes for example, which successfully combatted against organizations such as Napster (when they did provide free sharing of music). Although Steve Jobs was not the first person to try, Apple was the most influencial solution. Now iTunes proudly shows off its recent figure of ten billion downloaded, completely paid-for songs. Later in the book, Lessig will most likely explain his own plan to build upon these facts.

The book also goes over the topic of YouTube, where you can find hundreds of thousands of scenes from television shows and movies for free. I have managed to watch entire movies from start to end via YouTube, and Lessig admits that he has seen his fair share of stolen clips from the site. He tells the story of two friends of his, who both won awards at the Academy Awards. Lessig didn’t manage to see them on the television and tried his best to find the show the next day. He went on the official website, but found nothing. He tried to use Google as much as he could, before he went to the last place he wanted to. But after a quick search on YouTube, he had found both of his friends winning their awards. Lessig explains that this would not have happened if the people behind the Academy Awards had simply put the show on their website. He wants more companies to officially put their content on the Internet, instead of having people steal it.

Many record companies have already set up official channels on YouTune and put up high-quality music videos. We can already see that this works, especially with advertisements dotted around the page to earn a small amount of revenue. It will be interesting to see how Lawrence Lessig develops on this further.

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