Despite being late (even though the document was ready on Thursday),  I still have not forgotten my trusty ITGS triangle. I digress, so I”ll just jump into this interesting article.  To sum it up, the article was written by Matt Peckham at MSNBC, who wrote a story about a controversial news story by Fox News [inb4ofcourse], involving a report on the new ‘Medal Of Honor’ reboot being done by EA games.  The controversy, [incorrectly reported by Fox News], was actually being able to play Taliban in multiplayer, as the game is authentic as well (while most video-games are realistic). Now, needless to say is that there was some backlash as the game is based on events which are still on going in Afghanistan.  This has brought into question whether playing authentic situations (meaning, playing the taliban in competitive multiplayer) should be done in gaming, as there are still people out there who feel sensitive about war (whether you were a soldier, family member, etc.).

Now, as a ‘gaming-enthusiast’, this has a huge impact the leisure side of technology, because really people just game as a form of relaxation. Now with there being backlash on games that recreate situations ongoing, whether it be in Grand Theft Auto 4 in which you play a civilian trying to lead a more legalized life, or Modern Warfare 2 in which your experiencing realistic situations, but not actual situations (Though controversial, for an airport shoot-up sequence).  The interesting thing about Medal Of Honor (because I’ve kept some close tabs on it), is that they’ve actually interviewed the Tier One operatives and brought out the level of authenticity. I personally think that, once again, this comes down to the fact that it is a game. I understand while people may not appreciate this opinion, is that we are playing this game on a machine, and at the end of the day, it is no real war experience going on in the living room. To that extent, we still have to remind ourselves at times that our interaction with machines shouldn’t really emotionally effect us.

Below, is my breakdown of the article from the ITriGS view!


EA, Fox News
Written By: Matt Peckham

EA’s Medal Of Honor game allowing the playing Taliban in competitive multiplayer mode.

Summer 2010



Fox News reports a story on Medal Of Honor.
Social & Ethical Issues
People & Machines
Policies & Standards

Areas Of Impact

Families at loss from Afghanistan.

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