This is about how WoW (World of Warcraft) became affected with a disease and how the effects of the outbreak, not the disease, but how it spread and how people took it mimicked real life situations. most people helped others selflessly, others ran away and were worried about themselves, and others deliberately infected others. this was the only thing that mimicked the affect of diseases on us. the problem was fixed, and many scientists studied this event so they could find ways to cure diseases. how this happened was a mix of a error and possible a bug, the disease is a debuff (affects the Character) that saps health out of the player, it wasn’t meant to get out of ZG (Zul’Gurub a dungeon), but this debuff was leeched on a pet, and when the pet entered a populated city it infected many people, some instantly since there were low and some in mins, it took blizzard a while to fix this problem but eventually they got it under control. this is a huge leap for the health community since this is like a real outbreak, scientists can use this to make antidotes, ways to get people less sick and ways to stop outbreaks. 

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