While I suppose a title seems overly melodramatic, it actually does describe the occasion, a carnage. Lets have a look at the post op report in an even more dramatic manner!


The Mission: To sucessfully defend wiki-leaks in a debate with another school.

The Date: 29-11-2010, 1130 hours

The Location: Cisco Systems, [REDACTED]

The Team: ITGS Groups 11 & 12 [REDACTED]

Briefing: At Cisco Systems, you will be participating in a debate against another school [REDACTED]. The topic of debate will be Wiki-leaks and you must defend the website against the other school. Failure, is not an option, our very way of life, our future, is at stake here. You must win at any cost.  Prepare yourselves and good luck!

>:Post Op Report:

>: Begin Playback

1045 Hours: Deployed from [REDACTED]

1100 Hours: Arrive at Cisco Systems

1130 Hours: Commence debate with enemy

1:30 Hours: Emerge Victorious

>: Post Carnage Report:

The debate first began with opening remarks from Nabsuh, who had [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] provide him with some statements. Although disorganized, the strategy was inadvertently clear, keep the knowledge close to the chest and draw them into a trap.

After a rather waffly, unprofessional and a bit of a stuttery start, the opposing force went ahead. Their team was organized and efficient. Utilizing a presentation and making their case clear. Fortunately for us, they were unaware of how armed our team is and to a certain extent, how our ‘in the field’ intel was vastly superior to theirs. Other content in their presentation included the IT systems, as well as some of the social and ethical issues that arise with Wiki-Leaks such as Sarah Palin’s email hack, the Gun Cam footage and the lack of anonymity with documents.

Luckily enough, our team was well read in these situations, and better still, their arguments were invalid. Using our instinct, both youngtroopz and myself played the good cop, bad cop routine (though an interrogation technique, worked in this debate case!). I immediately went about to discuss the validity of their points, how Sarah Palin’s account hack was perpetrated by 4CHAN and not Wiki-leaks as well as Youngtroopz mentioning Yahoo’s policy being that they own the emails. Then, they sneakily neglected to mention the truth with the Gun Cam footage, and while I brought up the ethical issues that arise, we pointed out that there was indeed (intel provided by Fats Million) no need to fire on the journalists as they are carry cameras, and not weapons, and this is confirmed with the enhanced footage we viewed previously.

The carnage went back and forth, to almost a point of ridiculousness, as one of our points was that wiki-leaks does not belong to any one country, thus lie outside of the jurisdiction. However, one of their team members who was highly aggressive brought “Child Pornography”, to which Youngtroopz retorted how it was an irrelevant point, as well as insulting the said person. I then, pointed back to the Vietnam Papers (which was the biggest Whistleblow in history in 1970), and how the revelation was key to being view by the public eye. Youngtroopz then stepped into mention extraterritoriality from a 9th grade history class, which dealt the finishing blow as they could not argue against the idea of forcing laws from one country onto another.

With that, they had casualties of two individuals who were extremely butt hurt about losing to us, with our supremely intelligent team who had clearly conquered the day.

Winners- Us

Losers- Them

>: Report on Cisco Systems:

The systems actually used by Cisco Systems were pretty awesome! The teleconferencing was above and beyond anything I’ve seen around in domestic households, to the extent that even Microsoft’s Kinect wasn’t on par. The video quality was just astounding, to the extent where I was so nervous because they looked as if they were right across the table! Furthermore, the resolution of the screens were ridiculous, with the entire set up streaming such high quality video, they even have broadband that was off-grid. I know I appear to ranting on about this, but it felt so real, and we learnt that they were creating holograms, which is equally ridiculous! The idea that you can teleconference with a 3D projection of an individual right in front of you is such a sci-fi dream come true, and I really look forward to what they come out with next!

I’ll be back later on with a video representation of what actually happened!

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