This is a console version of a Leapfrog.  There are others too like a Gameboy one                      In Digital Natives, Digital immigrants By: Marc Prensky, He has many good points about how technology has changed and how kids are learning.  He points out that since technology has evolved since teachers were kids and when they were in school, then now the new generation is in school they might learn differently. I think this is very true.


I have gone to two school before ACS and my second school had much more teachers who are Digital natives then Digital Immigrants.  A Digital Native is some one who has grown up in the computer, internet and cell phone world.  While a Digital Immigrant is someone who did not grow up with all the technology.  In my last school I had two teachers out of my 5 that were “tech Savvy”.  In my first school I struggled a lot with being bored.  We would just sit there and take note after note.  every class the same thing right on board copy to paper.  That is and never will be an interesting part of school.  But yet is is a very large part of school.

Now at my second school we didn’t take notes on paper instead we took notes on our computers.  It just seemed more interesting.  I could pay attention for more than 15 minutes without getting side tracked by a butterfly out the window.  I am more of a Digital native because of things like that.  And my grades show that at the second school I did much better.  I think it is important that students get a education that suites their learning style.  Maybe instead of just giving us notes to study teachers should give us games to play.  It would be far more helpful to me for sure.  A cool side note maybe one day we will all get iPads and the teachers will be able to make us fun apps to play that will help us study.  They should make The Leap Frogs things for older crowds instead of just for little kids.  It would help so much for students with adhd.  They would have something in theres hands to play with and also be having fun and learning all at the same time.  Its a win win for everyone.


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