Grade 11’s as you know I am away next week so please read below your targets:-

  • Continue with the video project – all filming should be finished by Friday 15th so you will need more than the classtime to do this. Remember the equipment is all in the classroom – please keep this tidy and as mentioned if you would like to take this home/ out of the classroom use the Yellow sign out folder. Note I have also had the USB – SD card readers delivered so they will be in the tray. Do not forget to check the criteria that you will be graded against.
  • After half term – you will have one week for editing and final hand in for the videos will be 29th October.
  • For Wednesday 12th October – you should have completed the Paper 2 practice assignment on the Surveillance article – please download the Paper 2 Style Question – Surveillance if you have mislaid it. Note the assignment needs to be uploaded or done in GDOC’s Remember to present the document as you would any other – titles, footer, page no’s etc.
  • Finally for Wednesday – you should have posted a weblog post focusing on the social and ethical issue of Surveillance – as usual use the triangle for the analysis make sure to add links to your article and present your blog post in an easy to read way. Again this is due for Wednesday the 12th.

As always email me if you have any problems – looking forward to seeing those videos after half term.

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