Facebook was threatened by Germany over its facial recognition software, which the German critics say violates privacy and data protection laws. This software of Facebook identifies the user’s friends on each picture and tags them. There was a strong disapproval by the users of Facebook when this software began in June. Though the users can change the settings for automatic tagging, Facebook can still gather and store (indefinitely) all photos added to the site. Hamburg’s data protection official have demanded Facebook to stop running the software on German users and delete any related data otherwise they could face fines of up to £262,000.

ITGS triangle:

One social/ethical impact in danger is anonymity. For example, this software could be used by a rival to spy on the opposition or by the security services around the world. One major problem emerging from the impacts could be that if the data was to get into wrong hands, then the person could use someone else biometric data to make a fake identification. its all related to personal and public communications, multimedia and digital media, databases, software. The main stakeholders in this scenario are the users of Facebook and they are affected in a way that they are losing their identity and they might be tagged in photos they did not want to be tagged in.

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