The issue presented in this long article, “The Real Threat to Google” is the widespread use of cell phones to access the Internet. The article talks about the increasing threat Google faces everyday as phone technology develops and people start to use their mobile phones to go on Internet. As we all know, or at least should know, Google’s major income is through ads displayed on the pages. However, compared to a standardised page containing about 10 ads, the tiny screens of phones can handle one or two paid ads. This means that if this increase in people using mobile internet access continues, Google will have to face a huge amount of money loss. So, going back to the core of this threat: why do people use their cell phones to go on Internet? Because it is accessible to them wherever and whenever they want. One of the catalysts in this situation is the release of the iPhone in 2007 where accessing the Internet was made easier and more popular among customers. This does not mean that everybody will stop using their computers to access Internet as the article also mentions, however there are still a few solutions considered to minimise the money loss. One of these solutions is the use of Android interface which enables users to flick through multiple layers or pages just like iPhone album-art menu. This will create more room for displaying the ads. So whatever happens in the future, Google needs to come up with ways to find solutions that would suit the newer technologies because in this case only one thing is guaranteed: people will not stop using the new technology and go back to the old one. As the article suggests, “This is the future, because people take their media habits with them as they age” it is only up to Google to keep up with the new technologies.

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