Over the next week or so – you will be looking at the use of Multimedia within ITGS and there are two main parts of this unit that you will be following : –

Part 1

You will be given the ITGS textbook finally and need to read through Chapter 6 – Multimedia making notes ( as a GDOC) regarding the IT terms and technical aspects of multimedia in terms of graphics, sound etc. It is important in your notes that you include and understand definitions of all the terms… including vectors, bitmap, resolution, codec etc. We will discuss the chapter at length as well and then I will introduce you to your first mini test – focused solely on IT terms and definitions. I bet you can’t wait?

Part 2

Time to get practical. I am sure you have all used Photoshop before – some of you may have better skills than others however I want you to complete the following tasks utilising tutorials that you can find on the web – I have given some example tutorials however I am sure as Digital Natives that you can find your own? The laptops have Photoshop CS6, and the iMACs have Photoshop CS5 – both are pretty similar.

You will use many techniques – remember to link some of the tool names with the practical activities that you are doing – some tools you will need to use are: -Clone Stamp Tool, Masks, Layers / Layer Masks, Lasso Tools, Blur Filters, Free Transform, Healing Brush, Brush Selection and Dodge Tool. If you have Photoshop at home or on your laptop you can also utilise this.

Tasks –

  1. Create a cracked / wounded face of – Cracked Face Tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC_ch_d7GMI
  2. Blend and combine two or more images – How to Blend and Combine Images – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOyJexxS2ww
  3. Make someone look older – Make someone look older – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD_BqknfhME
  4. Remove a number of objects from a photo – Removing Objects and People from Photographs – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlunonPF8Mw

For these tutorials I would like you to use the same base images – however you may then decide to utilise other images etc as you wish: –

  1. For task 1 – base image
  2. For task 2 – base image
  3. For task 3 – take a photo of yourself with Photobooth or by another method and use this…
  4. For task 4 – base image

So what are you waiting for – get started and if you would like to borrow a laptop over the weekend then please ask and I will be able to sort this out for you. You will have one week to do these four tutorials and then you must email me the results.

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